Alamo Women’s Club Works with Youth Homes Girls!

Talented Decorators…

The Youth Homes girls at Andersen House learned cake decorating and decorated three different styles of cupcakes: Minnie Mouse, Sunflower,  Beach Scene. The girls had a fabulous time being guided by AWC’s Patt Larkin – a Culinary Instructor extraordinaire! Under Patt’s tutelage in this excellent  cake decorating class, all of the girls are now interested in improving their skills in this area. Who knows, maybe successful career paths will result from  Patt’s teachings! Thank you, Patt, for once again making a difference!

…and Jewelry Designers!

The Youth Homes girls designed and made jewelry after learning the “how-to’s” from Alamo Women’s Club member Peggy Fleming. The YH girls vend their jewelry and receive the profits. The lessons in production, marketing and accounting have helped them sell $200 worth so far! Way to go, Peggy! This must make these young gals feel very accomplished! P.S. Bring any beads or old jewelry to the Alamo Women’s Club for Peggy’s designers to make more creations!



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