It was Win, Place & Show at Day at the Races 2016!!

Again this year, Golden Gate Fields (GGF) did not disappoint. A lovely day made possible by the good folks at GGF.

The Kentucky Derby spirit lives on. Many in our group wore fabulous hats this year. The first and second place winners were treated with a photo with the winning jockey of the YHA sponsored race. A lovely bouquet of red roses went to the first place winner who was quite surprised at the honor, and who is a close friend of mine. Our second place winner was also delighted and who is a daughter of the event co-chair, Valerie Ridgers. Now one would think the contest was rigged, but I assure you Valerie setup a system to get votes from those in attendance and the winners just happened to be my friend and her daughter! We were happy to have in attendance this year Stuart and Barbara McCullough. (Stu once told me this is one of his favorite YHA events.) As this is Stu’s last time to come as the YH Executive Director, we wished him well and gave him a set of GGF coffee mugs to commemorate the many times they came to A Day at the Races. Thanks to all who joined us. While this year’s attendance was less than last year, we still were able to raise some funds for YHA. Many thanks to Valerie Ridgers who was patient, kind and supportive to me and who did so much to make the event possible.

Leslie Smith


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