Our History

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Our History: In 1964, conditions at the Contra Costa County Juvenile Hall and the Children’s Shelter were alarming. Most of the children were not delinquent; many had run away from intolerable home situations and were in need of loving care.

A group of local people formed a committee to study state and county regulations and problems related to the treatment of homeless youngsters. They concluded that there was a pressing need to solve the housing problems of troubled youth while providing a sound program to help them grow into self-sustaining and responsible young adults.

After an 18-month drive to raise the necessary initial funds, the committee formed Youth Homes and incorporated it in 1965 as a tax-exempt, non-profit agency.

They also established an auxiliary to work closely with the agency, planning activities and raising supplementary funds on behalf of the young people in the agency’s care. The all-volunteer Youth Homes Auxiliary augments county/state funding and provides personalized attention to the agency’s young people by sponsoring events and running a thrift shop.
first youth home
The governing body of the auxiliary is an Agency Board. The council receives and acts upon requests from the Youth Homes Agency staff and residents to assist with needs that would otherwise be subject to long delays in public funding or not addressed at all.

The dedication of members who donate their time and energy, whether working diligently at the Thrift Shop or on various fundraisers, provides the funds to support those areas of need either designated by the Agency or through the input of our member liaisons.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]