Our Membership

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200+ members make up the Youth Homes Auxiliary, with backgrounds from all walks of life and sharing the goal of helping the foster children of Contra Costa County.

The Youth Homes Auxiliary provides two levels of membership: Active and Sponsoring. Active members meet from September through June and work on various fundraising events. Sponsoring members help support the work of the Auxiliary and are optionally involved in the meetings and fundraisers.

Fifteen members provide a higher level of dedication by serving on the council. These include:

President: Cathy Barber
Vice-President: Debra Coggins
Treasurer: Karol Dondero
Recording Secretary: Bie Tan
Corresponding Secretary: Arlene Mueller
Outreach: Donna Herdman
Communications: Leslie Miller
Finance Committee Chair: Carla Pancheco
Historian: Tat Welcome
Parliamentarian: Barbara Armstrong
Publicity: Jane Viator
Celebration of Hope Chair: Linda Theuriet
Spring Event Chair: Laura Williams
Holiday Gift Coordinator: Lynne Crowell
Hospitality: OPEN[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]